Make Several Gmail Addresses Out of One



Due to the best way Google processes your mail, you’ll be able to modify a part of your handle for various conditions and nonetheless get all of your messages.

Q. Do intervals matter in Gmail addresses? I get messages addressed to my account at but additionally to, and none of those appear to be meant for different folks.

A. Google’s Gmail service does certainly ignore intervals within the handle earlier than the In truth, a Google help web page states that “dots don’t matter in Gmail addresses,” and in your instance, you may even get a message despatched to (Nonetheless, the intervals within the handle do matter in case your e mail account is provided although a company like an academic establishment or an organization; discuss to your mail system administrator if the dots are a difficulty.)

As a result of Google owns the area and makes use of it in some international locations, you may as well get messages addressed to

When signing up for a mailing list, you can add a plus sign and a descriptive word to modify your Gmail address for easier sorting. CreditThe New York Times


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